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What Happens During a Female Orgasm?   Once a woman becomes sexually aroused, her heart begins to beat quicker, and she breathes faster. She’ll tighten various muscles all over her body. Her breasts will enlarge slightly, and her nipples will become erect. Some women’s faces, necks, or chests will become flushed. Also, her clitoris enlarges. […]

7 surprisingly easy sex positions 1. Twirl-a-girl Have your partner lie on their back with their head propped up against a comfy pillow. I know, they’re basically living the dream right there. Ask them to spread their legs slightly and then lower yourself onto them them, swinging your legs around to the side. You’ll now […]

Unsure how to use a vibrator? Never tried one before? That’s totally fine and also, I’m so excited for you to up your masturbation game! Before you start, it’s important to know how to use a vibrator in the best possible way. It’s not always as simple as picking any old toy, charging it and […]